La Jolla Democratic Club

April 2024

The LJDC Monthly Meeting
Sunday, April 14, 2024
AMC 12 Theater Community Room
2 pm

Our April meeting discussion of the post election results and what potential role our club can play going into the November election. See you there, in person, at the AMC12 Community Room, 2 pm!

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Hi La Jolla Democrats,
We need your help to get the Clean Elections proposal past the City Council Rules Committee this coming Thursday. Democracy will be strengthened in San Diego if a few Qualified citizens are allowed to have a small amount of City Funds to run for City Council.
Thanks, Derek Casady

Clean Elections San Diego

This is it! We need your help!

Our clean elections is coming before the city’s rules committee on Thursday, April 18 starting at 9 AM.  The Rules Committee is made up of 5 council members including the chair: Sean Elo Rivera and the chairs of four sub-committees: Councilman Joe LaCava, Councilman Kent Lee, Councilman Raul Campillo and Councilwoman Vivian Moreno.

We need this committee to forward our clean elections proposal for city council consideration. That means we need at least three votes in support from Rules Committee members. If we pass this first step, our issue will then return to the Rules Committee for a final vote after the City Attorney input.  If we get three votes at this second time, we go before the whole city council for a final yes or no vote, to put clean elections on the ballot.

Here is how you can help in person:
You can join us in-person at the Rules Committee meeting downtown at 9 AM on Thursday, April 18.  When the discussion on clean elections starts, you can have 1 minute to voice your support for clean elections.  

If you wish to join us for the in-person meeting, you can either drive downtown and park at the city’s garage (2 blocks north of First Avenue and Broadway) or you can take the bus downtown and skip the traffic and parking expense. If you take the bus, you can take a rapid bus from almost every neighborhood or simply drive to the Old Town bus depot and take the bus to downtown. The bus will drop you off around 4th Avenue on Broadway and you just need to walk one block north to C Street and and one block west on C Street to City Hall.  City Hall is located at 202 C Street and the Rules Committee meeting is on the twelfth floor. 

And you can show your support and stay at home!
You can join the Rules Committee webinar meeting at any time after the meeting starts and then opt to offer phone-in testimony when our clean elections measure is called.
The link to join the Meeting Webinar by computer is:

Once in,  you can watch the Rules Committee progress as if you were there.  Follow directions. You will be asked to choose to be in the Rules Committee meeting,  say yes by clicking on the appropriate button.  Once the meeting comes to the clean elections measure, and NOT BEFORE! , click on the button to get into the queue to speak.
Once you are called, you can speak for one minute in support of clean elections.

Our agenda item is: ITEM-2 – SUB-ITEM C – Consideration of a ballot measure proposed by Mark Linsky regarding Clean Elections.

Say what you want but we recommend that you state your name, the neighborhood you live in and say “I support clean elections and I ask you to vote to put clean elections on the ballot”. Remember that you will only have one minute to speak.

That is it! 
The whole process might seem difficult but just follow directions and you will be making a huge contribution to the clean elections campaign.  Council members count numbers.  Ask a friend, neighbor or family member to make a call. Thanks again for your help!

Our clean elections campaign has been a long one. If you wish to re-familiarize your self why clean elections is so important, go to our web page: and watch the video on our front page entitled: “Road to Clean Elections”. This short, 7 minute video, which was created and narrated by Bill Moyers, shows the positive impact clean elections has had in Maine and Arizona which have had them since 2000.   

And lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions,  contact John Hartley,
Campaign Coordinator, at 619-299-8870 or


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