Upcoming Events

• The Midnight Ride of “Paul Revere” to warn of climate danger and call for a national mobilization to end fossil fuels. June 13, 2012 12 a.m.
Plaza De Panama, Balboa Park
The Climate Mobilization

• LJDC General Meeting
Sunday, June 28, 2015 2- 4pm
La Jolla AMC Community Room

• LJDC Picnic/Poetry Slam
Sunday, August 16, 2015
Villa La Jolla Park on Via Mallorca
La Jolla, CA 92037

Current Issues

Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership countries announced that the TPP intended to "enhance trade and investment among the TPP partner countries, to promote innovation, economic growth and development, and to support the creation and retention of jobs." Some global health professionals, internet freedom activists, environmentalists, organized labor, advocacy groups, and elected officials have criticized and protested the negotiations, in large part because of the proceedings' secrecy, the agreement's expansive scope, and controversial clauses in drafts leaked to the public.

Call To Mobilize

Climate change is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world.
It threatens the collapse of civilization within this century.
Confronting this crisis is the great moral imperative of our time.

Clean Elections

Clean Elections are public financing of elections. Someone can elect to run as a clean candidate and earn the right for public financing by getting a large number of voters to support them. Once they qualify, they get full public funding of their campaign, and they cannot contribute to their campaign nor solicit others for money.