The La Jolla Democratic Club is dedicated to voter education and supporting Democratic campaigns. Founded in 1956, it continues to be a group committed to furthering the principles, candidates and causes of the Democratic Party. The Club members are involved in grass root organizing for numerous campaigns, organizations, projects and causes.
La Jolla Democratic Club By-Laws, updated 2020

La Jolla Democratic Club Executive Board 2023

Derek Casady –  President
Paula McCormack –  Vice President (Membership)
Patty Petterson –  Vice President
Ann Kennedy  –  Webmaster
Mary Lu Brandwein –  Secretary
Nancy Casady –  Treasurer

John Meyer – Deadline Poet and Song Leader
Marcia Bookstein – Member at Large
Jim Evans – Member at Large
Jerry Wanetick – Member at Large

Executive Board Meeting
If you wish to observe, contact Derek Casady, 858-457-0246

At the LJDC’s Executive Board meeting, discussion surrounded the purpose of monthly membership meetings:

1. To inform voters of forthcoming issue and candidate voting opportunities.
2. To keep members informed of how the Democratic Party works.
3. To enable members to be engaged in activities that advance Democratic Party principles.etterson