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Climate Change Isn’t Coming – It is Here!

Climate Change Isn’t Coming – It is Here! Dire predictions were made of steadily increasing temperatures, deteriorating public health, reduction in fresh water supply, increased rates of wildfires, rising sea levels, loss of habitat for native plants and species.  The

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Climate March Proposal to San Diego

Climate March Proposal to San Diego On Tuesday, November 18, Club President, Derek Casady presented the following proposal to lead its Climate Action March Team:: I, Derek  Casady, former journalist (L.A. Times, Psychology Today) legislative aide (Sen. Jim Mills,

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The Climate Crisis: An Opportunity??

The Climate Crisis: An Opportunity?? The climate crisis may represent a “historic opportunity” to change the world for the better. That is the assertion made by Naomi Klein in her recent book: This Changes Everything (Simon & Schuster, $30, 566

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Co-Founder of coming to SD

Co-Founder of coming to SD Bill McMcKibben, co-founder of will talk about the global climate movement, its amazing progress and its challenges. You will meet climate activists and enjoy music, nibbles & drinks. This fundraiser will help SanDiego350

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This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything New book by Naomi Klein Just announced: This Changes Everything will debut #5 on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list (10/06)! Forget everything you think you know about global warming. The really inconvenient truth is that

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Citizens United

Citizens United The La Jolla Democratic Club has been supportive of the work of Move to Amend. It seeks to gather support in amending the constitution to reverse the damage done by Citizens United, which allows enormous sums of money

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Raise Up San Diego

Raise Up San Diego DO NOT SIGN! Paid petitioners are trying to repeal San Diego’s new earned sick leave and minimum wage law. Do not sign! Our City Council just passed an ordinance making San Diego the largest city in

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People’s Climate March

People’s Climate March As you may know, on September 21st people from around the nation will come together in an unprecedented citizen mobilization for the People’s Climate March in New York City. As world leaders meet at the United Nations

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Update on Route 5 Corridor

Update on Route 5 Corridor Report submitted by member Mike Bullock, Transportation Chair of the Sierra Club. At a recent meeting of Coastal Commission a package was approved unanimously. It includes rail double tracking, the lagoon improvements, bike and hiking

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