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La Jolla Democratic Club Newsletter

September 2020 The LJDC Monthly MeetingSunday, September 13, 20202 – 4:30 pm Our speaker for our next LJDC Zoom meeting is Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party and the California State Young Democrats.Mr. Rodriquez-Kennedy has held

LJDC General Meeting – August

La Jolla Democratic Club Newsletter August 2020 PROGRAM:Former S.D. City Attorney Mike Aguirre will speak on the move to create a Publicly-owned gas & electric utilities in San Diego to replace San Diego Gas & Electric investor-owned utilities, and his

LJDC General Meeting – July

La Jolla Democratic Club Newsletter July 2020 Endorsements for the July Meeting:We will consider an endorsement in the City Attorney’s race between Cory Briggs and City Attorney Mara W. Elliott. Cory Briggs has agreed to attend and Mara Elliott has

LJDC General Meeting – June

Hello La Jolla Democratic Club Members,Hope all is healthy and well with you and all members of your family and friends. It is exciting to be alive at this particular time in history for we will see whether the Democrats

LJDC General Meeting – May

La Jolla Democratic Club Newsletter May 2020 Hello La Jolla Democratic Club Members, Hope all is healthy and well with each and every one of you in this very challenging time. I’m writing to let you know the LJDC Executive

LJDC General Meeting – March

The LJDC Monthly MeetingSunday, March 8, 20202 – 4:30 pm The Program: Super Tuesday Review and DiscussionA Discussion of the March 3rd Primary Election results by members of the La Jolla Democratic Club and a panel of experts headed by Cody Petterson,

General Meeting LJDC

The LJDC Monthly MeetingSunday, January 12, 20202 – 4:30 pm Bird Brains,Inside the Strange Minds of Our Fine Feathered Friends  Presented by LJDC member Budd Titlow  It will be a beautiful photographic slide presentation of Budd’s personal story of his

LJDC Monthly Meeting – November 2019

The LJDC Monthly Meeting Sunday, November 10, 2019 2 – 4:30 pm PROGRAM: Endorsements –  Members will consider endorsing candidates in one or all of the following races, as time permits, U.S. Congress, 52nd District, San Diego Mayor and 78 State Assembly

LJDC Monthly Meeting – October

The LJDC Monthly MeetingSunday, October 13, 2019 2 – 4:30 pm SPEAKER:: Budd Titlow, wetland scientist and wildlife biologist, PROGRAM:  How 2 Generations Fight the Climate Crisis Budd and his daughter, Mariah Tinger, together wrote “Protecting the Planet.”  Mariah began

LJDC Monthly Meeting – September 2019

SPEAKER: Jess DurfeePROGRAM: Looking at Democratic and U.S. Politics at the National Level Jess Durfee is a Member of the Democratic National Committee. He’s the only Democratic National Committee (DNC) member from San Diego. He is chair of the DNC Western Region, Chair of