Campaign for Clean Elections

Continuing the Campaign for Clean Elections

Momentum Builds to Get Money Out of Politics
While many will say that the “Clean Elections” proposal (aka public funding of campaigns) is not as urgent as the 2014 races, it is important to know that initiatives, such as the “Clean Elections,” proposal take time to build. Your ongoing support is important. John Hartley is steadfastly leading the charge.

More competition, a more diverse candidate pool, more time spent with regular voters, freedom from conflicts of interest—these are among the signal accomplishments of Arizona and Maine’s new Clean Elections laws as shown in the video “The Road To Clean Elections.” Narrated by Bill Moyers, the video features candidates on the campaign trail, lively testimonials by candidates who ran for office under their states’ voluntary full public financing systems, and assessments of how well Clean Elections works by campaign finance reform experts and activists. Haddow Communications produced the video for Public Campaign with assistance from Northeast Action, Arizona Clean Elections Institute Inc., and the Maine Citizen Leadership Fund. Run time is approximately 14 minutes. Funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York and Solidago Foundation.
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