Clean Elections Update

The campaign to put a clean elections initiative on the 2016 general election ballot will be underway starting on the first week of January 2016.   23 town council, community council and community association have endorsed the initiative.

There are a lot of ways you can help!
The goal is 1,000 supporters by January 2016 and we are at about 366 right now. You can talk to a friend about the need for clean elections and enroll a supporter. Then send me their name and contact information. You can write a letter to the editor for the Union-Tribune or one of the neighborhood newspapers. You can financially donate to our campaign by going to our web page: and clicking on the donation button in the middle of the home page. You can join our Coordinating group which will meet this month on Tuesday, June 23 at 9:30am. (call me for the address) if you would like to help in the leadership of the campaign. And finally, we need speakers and training is available. Call me.
~ John Hartley, Clean Elections Campaign Coordinator, 619-299-8870