Clean Elections

Clean Elections

Clean Elections are public financing of elections.   Someone can elect to run as a clean candidate and earn the right for public financing by getting a large number of voters to support them. Once they qualify, they get full public funding of their campaign, and they cannot contribute to their campaign nor solicit others for money.
It means that they are totally independent of the special interests (like the Koch brothers who pour huge amount of money into campaigns to buy their own politicians).

Arizona and Maine have had clean elections since 2000, and it has leveled the playing field, allowed more women and people of color to win public office. It has shown that you do not have to be wealthy to run and win public office. It has limited the influence of the special interests.

To bring Clean Elections for the City of San Diego, we plan to launch a citizen’s initiative for clean elections for the City of San Diego in January 2016. We are seeking volunteers who will help get signatures in January 2016 and/or who will contribute financially to help pay the costs of the campaign.

If you can help get signatures, please contact Clean Elections Coordinator, John Hartley, at 619-299-8870 or

If you can help out financially, please make your check out to: Neighborhoods for Clean Elections and mail it to: Neighborhoods for Clean Elections, P.O. Box 16066, San Diego, CA 92176. For reporting requirements, please include your address and profession and employer or if retired, please state so. If self-employed, please state the name of your business and your role. Thanks for your help!

–John Hartley, Coordinator