Climate Mobilization Letter

Climate Mobilization Letter

The letter I will be mailing out to city, state and local elected officials reads:


The La Jolla Democratic Club requests your support of The Climate Mobilization, which is a nationwide movement out of New York City, led by Climate Psychologist Margaret Klein Soloman, which is calling on the President, the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate to implement a World War II-scale nationwide mobilization to transition the U.S. off Fossil Fuels and onto safe, clean Wind, Water and Solar renewable energy as computer modeled by Environmental Engineer Mark Jacobson and his colleagues at Stanford University.
Governor Jerry Brown has said that if “we do not reverse course, we risk extinction.”  Pope Francis has said that “radical” action is needed to address Climate Disruption and retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Stephen Cheney said in a recent UT op-ed that Climate Change threatens U.S. and Global Security.
The new Democratic Party National Platform states:
“Democrats believe it would be a grave mistake for the United States to wait for another nation to lead the world in combating the global climate emergency.  In fact, we must move first in launching a green industrial revolution, because that is the key to getting others to follow……Just as America’s greatest generation led the effort to defeat the Axis Powers during World War II, so must our generation now lead a World War II-type national mobilization to save civilization from catastrophic consequences.  We must think beyond Paris….
If you go to the website, The Climate Mobilization.Org, there is a Pledge we urge you to sign to indicate your support of The Mobilization.  If you cannot sign the Pledge,  we would appreciate it if you could at least let us know if  you support the Concept of a World War II-scale Climate Mobilization.  If you don’t support a Mobilization, please let us know what better plan you think we should be be supporting.
We strongly believe we are in a Climate Emergency and we need to start acting like it is an emergency.
Thank you very much for your attention in this matter and we look forward to hearing from you.


Derek Casady, president
La Jolla Democratic Club