No Nuclear Waste Dump at San Onofre

San Diego County to take up concerns about waste at San Onofre!



The SD County Board of Supervisors will be addressing the San Onofre nuclear waste safety threat on Tuesday 21 July at 9am.  This is the first local government body to officially address the issue of San Diego becoming a permanent nuclear waste site for 3,600,000 lbs of high level nuclear waste on the shoreline in North County San Diego.  The waste needs to be moved to a safer, less vulnerable location.  We all have an interest in making the federal or state agencies with power to help us move the nuclear waste now being entombed on our North County beaches.  There is a moral and logical disconnect between SD County planning for the emergency from the stored nuclear waste but not planning for how to remove the threat that would create the emergency.  Truncating disaster planning from planning how to avoid the disaster altogether is a blueprint for disaster not a plan for safety.  Edison executives deployed defective steam generators without a safety license and after being warned of the very risks of failure that eventually occurred limited corrective action to those that would not tip off nuclear safety officials.  The San Onofre steam generators sprung a radiation leak as a result of Edison’s reckless conduct.  Executives from the same company are now deploying 3,600,000 lbs of nuclear waste on the beach in North County San Diego.  Should not San Diego media place a more careful eye on these risks to San Diego? Are San Diegans to sit in silence as San Diego become a permanent nuclear waste site?  We hope our media will alert our community to this important meeting on Tuesday next at 9am at the County building on Pacific avenue to express their concerns and request the Board of Supervisors to expand their review of the threat to San Diego.  In San Diego the nuclear threat is not just Iran its Edison.

Mike Aguirre