Our Legacy: To Save Civilization

by Nancy Casady

I can almost bet that most of us were born without thinking that our legacy would be to save civilization. And yet, here it is; the opportunity to make individual decisions that, in fact, will facilitate the “great turning” that must occur if our species—and many others—are to survive. Of course, I am speaking about global climate change action and the growing urgency to stop behaviors that produce greenhouse gases. There are some that still say human activity is not “the cause.” This debate is a distraction in the face of what human activity can do to reduce rapidly escalating weather change effects. Namely, we must demand a transition from carbon energy to smart sun, wind, and water energy. Stanford University has modeled the transition. Not only can this transition work, it will produce almost two million more jobs than the fossil fuel industry does. Good jobs that build things like distributed solar systems, windmills, buses and energy-efficient motors.
As previously reported, non-violent demonstrations in the street of America are required if we are to succeed. The President had reportedly told activists he needs us in the streets. He needs the will of the people to trump the will of the oil, coal and gas oligarchs. So here’s what you can—neigh, I say must do if we are to prevail. First: eat less beef. Not just to save water but to reduce the number of methane-producing units (cows) in the environment. Second: join us on March 15 at San Diego City Hall at 2 p.m. There will be music; there will be bike raffles; and there will be peaceful and joyful marching in the streets. Join us and make your contribution to a sustainable future starting here, starting now. Save the date, save the planet. Future generations are calling you.