Raise Up San Diego

Raise Up San Diego

Paid petitioners are trying to repeal San Diego’s new earned sick leave and minimum wage law. Do not sign!

Our City Council just passed an ordinance making San Diego the largest city in the country to give its workers a boost and require employers to allow workers to earn up to five sick days a year.

Now some out-of-town and local business interests are trying to overturn this widely supported advancement by sending paid signature-gathers into the streets with a petition to overturn it.

Facts: On July 1 the CA minimum wage went from $8 to $9 per hour. The CA state minimum wage will climb to $10 in January 2016. The San Diego ordinance increases wages to $11.50 by January 2017. It also provides earned sick leave.

When you see the paid signature gatherers and their misleading petition, Don’t Sign It! Instead, call or text 619-930-3300 and give Raise Up San Diego the time and locations!

For more information and to take the “Don’t Sign It” pledge visit RaiseUpSanDiego.org, Norma Rodriguez, Coalition Organizer.