LJDC Meeting – Jan 2021

The LJDC Monthly Meeting
Sunday, January 10, 2021
2 – 4:30 pm

The Program:
The Case for Public Power in San Diego
The S.D. City Council recently approved a 4 1/2 month extension of the electric and gas Franchise held by San Diego Gas & Electric Co. since 1970. The Franchise agreement is due to expire January 17th of this year, and the City will have time now to study the feasibility of moving from a corporate-owned utility to an independently owned public utility. Currently, San Diego ratepayers pay the highest utility rates in California and at the same time, SDG&E is making $1,000,000/day in net profits off of those customers. If San Diego moves to Public Power, those profits will be used to lower utility rates across the city, and allow us to meet the goals of our Climate Action Plan and to address the city-declared Climate Emergency.

The Speakers:
Pro: Retired business writer for the San Diego Union Tribune, Craig Rose, will present a power point presentation on the feasibility of Public Power for our San Diego community.
Con: Speaking against the idea of public power will be a representative from San Diego Gas and Electric Co. 

Also speaking is Candidate Kylie Taitano, she is running to be a delegate to the California Democratic Party and  would like to request support from our members. Among other duties, these delegates will attend the State Democratic Party Convention on Zoom later this year. See Kylie’s statement

These elections are conducted in each CA Assembly district. Those members who reside in La Jolla/University City are in the 78th Assembly District, represented by newly elected Assembly-member Chris Ward. Those members who do not live in the 78th Assembly District will vote in another District in which they reside. See Map of the 78th

Club members who wish to vote in the election for delegates must register to vote by January 11th. Derek encourages as many club members as possible to vote in this election. See Grassroots Community Slate

To register to vote in the elections for delegates to the California Democratic Party either go to the CADEM website at https://adem.cadem.org/, send an email to adem@cadem.orgor call the CADEM Headquarters at 916-442-5707.

After you register, CADEM will send a mail-in ballot containing candidates’ names. One may vote for up to 14 of the listed candidates, 7 women and 7 men and mail the ballot back to the State Democratic Headquarters for tallying.

Additionally on the agenda of the meeting will be proposed new La Jolla Democratic Club bylaw changes required by the San Diego County Democratic Party regarding procedures for voting by club representatives at the county pre-endorsing convention, for candidates for Congress, State Senate and Assembly.