Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy

Local, Clean & Competitive Energy that is Our Choice
Our vision is that everyone in the San Diego region will be fully powered by local clean energy

One of the best tools we can use to get there is Community Choice Energy

What Is Community Choice Energy? Recognizing that local residents and businesses wanted to choose more renewable power sources, stabilize rates, and invest revenues into projects that have a positive effect on the local community, the state legislature enacted Assembly Bill 117 in 2002. AB 117 allows cities and counties to establish nonprofit electricity providers in order to purchase power on behalf of their populations. It’s called Community Choice Aggregation in the bill, but around the state we call it Community Choice Energy.

How Would Community Choice Benefit Us?

More renewables at competitive rates. Community Choice providers, such as the two already at work in California, offer their customers much more clean energy than the monopoly utility company. For instance, in Sonoma County customers can choose 33% or 100% clean energy plans and in Marin County customers can choose 50% or 100% plans. In both places the rates for residential and business customers in the 33% and 50% plans are beating PG&E outright. People are paying less with Choice and getting more clean energy than the monopoly offers. And the 100% plans don’t cost much more if people would like to go full green.

Local control. With Community Choice a local board of directors would make decisions, such as rate setting, in public meetings using a process that encourages public participation and values transparency. Community Choice is a nonprofit that is accountable to its customers not shareholders.

Local reinvestment. Millions of dollars leave San Diego County each year to pay for electric generation. Not with Community Choice. Over time, a Community Choice provider would buy increasing amounts of power from local sources, such as rooftop solar, while serving as a catalyst for local job creation.
Would Community Choice Replace SDG&E? A Community Choice electricity provider in San Diego would buy power on behalf of its customers and it would set electricity rates. SDG&E would continue to do the billing, own and maintain the electrical grid, and handle all emergencies.

How Is Community Choice Funded? Community Choice providers are entirely self-funded by revenues they receive from customers. None of their expenses are paid by taxes, and their revenues cannot be diverted to pay for non-Community Choice uses. They have a minimal staff, and they keep their prices competitive by negotiating for all of their customers as a group and by the fact that they don’t have to charge extra to generate a profit for shareholders.

More Details, Please: For an excellent overview of how Community Choice works visit Sonoma Clean Power’s FAQ page at:

Will We Get Community Choice In San Diego? We are working at it and we are getting closer. The City of San Diego could be our first city in the county to launch Community Choice. The City is overseeing a feasibility study that will be completed this year. Also, Mayor Faulconer and the City Council included Community Choice in the City’s draft Climate Action Plan as a potential action item.

I Would Like To Help: Contact Pete Hasapopoulos, Sierra Club My Generation Campaign, or 760.580.0117.


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No Nuclear Waste Dump at San Onofre

San Diego County to take up concerns about waste at San Onofre!



The SD County Board of Supervisors will be addressing the San Onofre nuclear waste safety threat on Tuesday 21 July at 9am.  This is the first local government body to officially address the issue of San Diego becoming a permanent nuclear waste site for 3,600,000 lbs of high level nuclear waste on the shoreline in North County San Diego.  The waste needs to be moved to a safer, less vulnerable location.  We all have an interest in making the federal or state agencies with power to help us move the nuclear waste now being entombed on our North County beaches.  There is a moral and logical disconnect between SD County planning for the emergency from the stored nuclear waste but not planning for how to remove the threat that would create the emergency.  Truncating disaster planning from planning how to avoid the disaster altogether is a blueprint for disaster not a plan for safety.  Edison executives deployed defective steam generators without a safety license and after being warned of the very risks of failure that eventually occurred limited corrective action to those that would not tip off nuclear safety officials.  The San Onofre steam generators sprung a radiation leak as a result of Edison’s reckless conduct.  Executives from the same company are now deploying 3,600,000 lbs of nuclear waste on the beach in North County San Diego.  Should not San Diego media place a more careful eye on these risks to San Diego? Are San Diegans to sit in silence as San Diego become a permanent nuclear waste site?  We hope our media will alert our community to this important meeting on Tuesday next at 9am at the County building on Pacific avenue to express their concerns and request the Board of Supervisors to expand their review of the threat to San Diego.  In San Diego the nuclear threat is not just Iran its Edison.

Mike Aguirre

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San Diego Democrats for Equality

SD Gay Pride Parade 2015

LJDC Members,

I hope you will join us for the Pride Parade on Saturday. If you want a ride to the parade, you will need to (1) RSVP to this email (so we are sure to have enough cars), and (2) meet at 9 a.m. the parking lot in front of Whole Foods , 8825 Villa La Jolla Dr.
Be sure to bring water, sunscreen and hats
Below is a notice about the arrangements in the parade, so if you drive on your own, you will need this information.
We just received our contingent/set-up positions for the San Diego LGBT Pride parade. We will be the 14th contingent in the parade just behind (grand marshals, major dignitaries and sponsors of the parade). With over 200 contingents in the parade, this is a major coup.

Our set-up position will be in the first block of Northbound Normal Street North of University Ave. (See map). From the shuttle bus drop-off point, walk toward the large Pride flag flying at the corner of University and Normal. While it says we are in the PINK section, the street will not be painted pink, look for signs. As we will be one of the first contingents to start moving down the parade route at 11AM (Saturday July 18th), please try to be at the set-up location between 9AM and 10AM.

It would still be a good idea to designate a point-person for your Club to keep in touch as we get closer to step-off. My telephone number is (619)708-4436 (

Wear/bring sunscreen. Wear a hat. SMILE. It’s going to be fun.

See you there.

David Warmoth

Check-In Color Station: PINK

Contingent Name: San Diego Democrats for Equality

Contingent Number: 14

Contingent Zone: G

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Letter to Gov. Brown

Derek’s Letter to Governor Brown on behalf of the LJDC

June 19, 2015
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Dear Governor Brown,
Given the recent news that the former President  of the California Public Utilities Commission, Michael Peevey, met secretly with an executive of Southern California Edison in a hotel in Poland to discuss issues connected to the failed San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and that many utility customers have lost faith in the integrity of the California Public Utilities Commission, the La Jolla Democratic Club at its May General Membership Meeting unanimously voted to request that you replace the five members of the Public Utilities Commission with five new individuals from diverse backgrounds not related to the utility industry as a way to restore public trust in the commission.
Thank you for your attention in this matter.
Derek Casady, President
La Jolla Democratic Club

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Re-Enactment of Paul Revere’s MIDNIGHT RIDE

Join the Climate Mobilization!
Saturday, June 13, midnight
Rally at Sixth & Laurel
(Balboa Park)
to greet former Congressman Jim Bates for a reenactment of the warning ride of Paul Revere.
Modern-day patriots will gather at the Kate Sessions statue to call on the U.S. Government to fight climate change with a World-War II-scale national mobilization to transition the country
– at wartime speed – off fossil fuel and on to renewable energy.
Music and short speeches will follow.
Sponsored by a coalition of The San Diego Country Democratic Party, the San Diego County Labor Council, The environmental health Coalition, The Sierra Club, The Peace Resource Center, Greenpeace,
and San Diego

Take the climate action pledge:

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Clean Elections Update

Clean Elections Update

The campaign to put a clean elections initiative on the 2016 general election ballot will be underway starting on the first week of January 2016.   23 town council, community council and community association have endorsed the initiative.

There are a lot of ways you can help!
The goal is 1,000 supporters by January 2016 and we are at about 366 right now. You can talk to a friend about the need for clean elections and enroll a supporter. Then send me their name and contact information. You can write a letter to the editor for the Union-Tribune or one of the neighborhood newspapers. You can financially donate to our campaign by going to our web page: and clicking on the donation button in the middle of the home page. You can join our Coordinating group which will meet this month on Tuesday, June 23 at 9:30am. (call me for the address) if you would like to help in the leadership of the campaign. And finally, we need speakers and training is available. Call me.
~ John Hartley, Clean Elections Campaign Coordinator, 619-299-8870

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

According to Wikipedia, the TPP is a proposed regional regulatory and investment treaty. As of 2014, twelve countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region have participated in negotiations on the TPP: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam.
The proposed agreement began in 2005 as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP or P4). Participating countries set the goal of wrapping up negotiations in 2012, but contentious issues such as agriculture, intellectual property, and services and investments have caused negotiations to continue into the present,[7] with the last round meeting in Ottawa from 3–12 July 2014.[8][9] Implementation of the TPP is one of the primary goals of the trade agenda of the Obama administration in the United States of America.
On 12 November 2011, the nine Trans-Pacific Partnership countries announced that the TPP intended to “enhance trade and investment among the TPP partner countries, to promote innovation, economic growth and development, and to support the creation and retention of jobs.”[10] Some global health professionals, internet freedom activists, environmentalists, organized laborr, advocacy groups, and elected officials have criticized and protested the negotiations, in large part because of the proceedings’ secrecy, the agreement’s expansive scope, and controversial clauses in drafts leaked to the public.

According to the Public Citizen (, This deal could:

Although it is called a “free trade” agreement, the TPP is not mainly about trade. Of TPP’s 29 draft chapters, only five deal with traditional trade issues. One chapter would provide incentives to offshore jobs to low-wage countries. Many would impose limits on government policies that we rely on in our daily lives for safe food, a clean environment, and more. Our domestic federal, state and local policies would be required to comply with TPP rules.

The TPP would even elevate individual foreign firms to equal status with sovereign nations, empowering them to privately enforce new rights and privileges, provided by the pact, by dragging governments to foreign tribunals to challenge public interest policies that they claim frustrate their expectations. The tribunals would be authorized to order taxpayer compensation to the foreign corporations for the “expected future profits” they surmise would be inhibited by the challenged policies.

As of this writing, Representative Scott Peters has not taken a position.  Voice yours at

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Call to Mobilize

Call to Mobilize

Climate change is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world.
It threatens the collapse of civilization within this century.
Confronting this crisis is the great moral imperative of our time.

Therefore We Call on the United State Government To:

1. Immediately commence a social and economic mobilization to restore a climate that is safe, stable and supportive of human civilization. This heroic campaign shall be carried out on the scale of the American World War II home front mobilization, and will require hard work and shared sacrifice from all Americans.
2. Reduce our country’s net greenhouse gas emissions 100 percent by 2025 and implement far-reaching measures to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
3. Enlist tens of millions of Americans in efforts to rapidly expand our carbon-neutral energy and agricultural systems, conduct groundbreaking research, and implement large-scale adaptation measures. As in WWII, full employment will be achieved.
4. Conduct this mobilization in accordance with the Constitution and ensure that the essential needs of the civilian economy are met during this time of transition.
5. Establish the following imperatives as our nation’s top foreign policy priorities: A 100 percent reduction of global net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed, and the deployment of comprehensive measure that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere until a safe climate is restored.

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Resolution to Ban Fracking in California

Resolution to Ban Fracking in California

WHEREAS Fracking contaminates indefinitely California’s precious and scarce water resource with radiation and dangerous chemicals, the composition of which is kept undisclosed,

WHEREAS the geologically intrusive nature of the fracking process can cause earthquakes in California’s seismically unstable region,

WHEREAS the State of New York has already set a precedent by successfully implementing a permanent fracking ban to protect the citizens of their state, giving California an opportunity to join the national leadership as guardians of the environment,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party calls upon the California Legislature and Governor Brown to adopt legislation permanently banning fracking in California and a copy of this resolution be forwarded to all California legislators and Governor Brown “

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Clean Elections

Clean Elections

Clean Elections are public financing of elections.   Someone can elect to run as a clean candidate and earn the right for public financing by getting a large number of voters to support them. Once they qualify, they get full public funding of their campaign, and they cannot contribute to their campaign nor solicit others for money.
It means that they are totally independent of the special interests (like the Koch brothers who pour huge amount of money into campaigns to buy their own politicians).

Arizona and Maine have had clean elections since 2000, and it has leveled the playing field, allowed more women and people of color to win public office. It has shown that you do not have to be wealthy to run and win public office. It has limited the influence of the special interests.

To bring Clean Elections for the City of San Diego, we plan to launch a citizen’s initiative for clean elections for the City of San Diego in January 2016. We are seeking volunteers who will help get signatures in January 2016 and/or who will contribute financially to help pay the costs of the campaign.

If you can help get signatures, please contact Clean Elections Coordinator, John Hartley, at 619-299-8870 or

If you can help out financially, please make your check out to: Neighborhoods for Clean Elections and mail it to: Neighborhoods for Clean Elections, P.O. Box 16066, San Diego, CA 92176. For reporting requirements, please include your address and profession and employer or if retired, please state so. If self-employed, please state the name of your business and your role. Thanks for your help!

–John Hartley, Coordinator

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