First Sundays Climate Rally

Climate March and Rally to support a call for a national “WWII-scale” mobilization to move American off fossil fuels and on to wind, water and solar energy will be held on the first Sundays of the month at 1 pm at Federal Building Plaza. Your attendance is requested. Dear Fellow Democrat, With all the outrageous […]

Climate Action Fast

Climate Action Fast   San Diegans concerned about Climate Change will conduct a two-day fast at the Federal Building from 6 p.m., Friday,  August 18th until 6 a.m., Monday,  August 20th.  A public rally at 6 p.m. Friday will kick off the event. The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the seriousness […]

Photos 2017

Photos 2017 At the Tax March March For Science April 22, 2017 EarthDay Fair, April 23, 2017 People’s Climate March April 29, 2017 Save

Issues and Organizations

Issues and Organizations that Support Your Values Find an organization in this list of Organizations here. Work with Neighborhoods for Fair Elections Working on Campaign Finance for San Diego For more information, contact John Hartley, Campaign Coordinator, at 619-299-8870 or   Prevent Gun Violence Tell your representative “California has the strongest gun laws in […]

Climate Mobilization message

Climate Mobilization A message from Executive Director, Margaret Klein Salamon, climate psychologist The Climate Mobilization is a new political organization, (founded in September 2014), powered by volunteers. Our mission is to save civilization and the natural world from catastrophic climate disruption. We are dedicated to living in climate truth, and believe that working to solve […]

Call to Mobilize

Call to Mobilize Climate change is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world. It threatens the collapse of civilization within this century. Confronting this crisis is the great moral imperative of our time. Therefore We Call on the United State Government To: 1. Immediately commence a social and economic mobilization to restore […]

Resolution for Climate Mobilization Action

Resolution for Climate Mobilization Action WHEREAS climate disruption is the central moral issue of our time; and WHEREAS studies by Stanford University show the United States can successfully transition off fossil and nuclear fuel sources and onto safe, renewable energy; and WHEREAS the United States government has previously demonstrated its ability to successfully mobilize the […]

Our Legacy: To Save Civilization

Our Legacy: To Save Civilization by Nancy Casady I can almost bet that most of us were born without thinking that our legacy would be to save civilization. And yet, here it is; the opportunity to make individual decisions that, in fact, will facilitate the “great turning” that must occur if our species—and many others—are […]