LJDC General Meeting – August

La Jolla Democratic Club Newsletter

August 2020

public power

Former S.D. City Attorney Mike Aguirre will speak on the move to create a Publicly-owned gas & electric utilities in San Diego to replace San Diego Gas & Electric investor-owned utilities, and his new lawsuit charging some of the members of the City Council Environmental Committee with a violation of public meeting laws. This is a really important decision for San Diego residents to consider.

We will vote on whether the La Jolla Democratic Club endorses the creation of public-owned utilities in San Diego.

Members can discuss how they are handling the pandemic, and any books they are currently reading. 

Also, Nancy Casady will report on what Bernie Sanders delegates to the Democratic National Convention are doing in preparation for the convention. And, if there is time, we will discuss de-funding the police.

Follow the directions below to join the Zoom meeting.

Questions or comments please call 858-457-0246 or email Derek at dcasady@outlook.com
Hope to see you on Sunday, August 9th at 2 pm.